A Parting Shot from J. Arthur Quibblestones

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I can’t speak for woman. I am not woman. I can imagine being a woman but that would be only a man playing make believe. But shuffling through the years with various mates, that is something all people tend to do. There is no normal or natural. There is just people following their instincts given the choices. I am a biological male and while I find women physically attractive I don’t desire their constant company. Trading in sleeping partners every so often, with the concomitant occasioanal sexings and rubbings in exchange for constantly being on guard for temper, a loud voice, the words to be avoided, the gestures held in abeyance is not worth the trouble of searching for the pot of gold. The simple fact is that if two people are still together for the rest of their lives it is because they are comfortable enough together, not because the company of the spouse is way beyond excellence imaginable.

Although a temper can be tempered it cannot be quenched. And no one alive, especially others with a temper, can stand to be around someone who has temperamental impulses. There are long term plans, family plans that persons of temper should avoid for the sake of themselves and community. And there are many of us in our midst, people of all gender identifications, people of all kinds of ideologies who, not being predisposed towards familial society, haven’t caved to the pressure of the great false family value: the idea that the clannish family, the tribe, the mafia with all its local prejudices that pit different houses of worship against each other usurps the code of honor of the warrior individual who chooses a different spiritual path that is decidedly less grubbing than the guy who is willing to throw society under the bus to save an injurious family member from legal troubles. The false “family value” of political rhetoric and the idea of preemptive punishment for everyone because we are all hopelessly depraved is an insult and a disservice to every member of society, especially the loners who are singled out and dehumanized by clannish political pharisees.

The false value is promoted with a demonizing good/evil dichotomy that usurps the individual code of honor. Through politics and religion the nation’s puritanical roots in original sin condemn the individual as depraved and in need of salvation. To the puritan this means gaining control of political authority to persuade the public and its citizens that they are hopelessly corrupt and in need of salvation. And then the false puritan looks to the largest political donor to align himself with, and that is just fine with the false puritan lord, apparently.

Legal lord, legal lord, how falsely do we praise thee
we stump for tickets and brandish our wickets
in bumpkinish indignation
we of teflon insinuation
we preemptive punishers
with our mass manipulation

I think I shall cut the scissors
pull the planks from the balancers
knee the hair pullers (yes, I, J. Arthur Quibblestones will)
truncate the Vix inhalers to the masturbators
and take a breath of fresh air

Now, where was I…
All those people who don’t show up at your funeral, and even some of those who do, what did they mean to you in the grand scheme of things? Would you like to have another 50 year penance with that same irascible and prejudiced Lutheran woman, or that peevish Dutch Amish preacher? That bitchy old courthouse clerk who lived to be 100 attributed her longevity to never being married. To her nieces she was known as the sweet old lady who always made them cookies and punch.

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