Friendship From a Godly Farm Man

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I gave you my friendship, spared you no dime. shared my spirit unselfishly and overlooked yours for years. And when it came time to give your property to your grand daughter I became a pariah, a drifter, a ne’er do well on his last leg – in order to get rid of me a few months earlier than we had been planning for six years. I became subservient to your legal entitlements and your political god. You gave only to be seen as a giver. You laughed but only to laugh at men. You imagined the worse in others to substantiate your own self righteousness. All the while the eyes of god upon you. You call yourself a believer. And maybe you still have time to discover something real to believe in. But I worry that all the belief has been knocked out of you.

*Channeling Edgar Lee Masters with a bit of Sinclair Lewis.

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