Security Control Study in Primitive Holographic Existence

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Romy, hiding in the willow branches one moment, lying on his bed and looking up at Mary the next. He pulled his head up toward his guardian’s face and stopped. He pulled his head up. He did. HE. Who was he? WHO pulled his head up?Was HE energy? Where did the energy come from? From a ME, he supposed. He looked again at Mary who looked a bit out of focus, but it wasn’t due to Romy’s eyesight or a slow reaction to what his eyes revealed, rather she wasn’t being projected fully.

Consciousness recorded of subject approximately 1968AD. ULC (Universal Language Code) recognized.)

<3484AD Holographic interaction preceding the human adaptation to holographic intercommunication. Consciousness, Holographic Existence. Recovered memory is from subject in his 4th year. SCC4. American Great Lakes. Michigan.>

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