When You Judge

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When you judge is it with wisdom or ideology; a punishing, judgmental ideology based on ancient theocracry?

With your convictions, are you certain of the deeds and thoughts of others; so much so that if you were a local sheriff in a small town at the height of the Covid pandemic you invited vigilantes to patrol main street because the evil in the hearts and minds of everyone was worse than a punk with a gun?

Did you get your authority through lies, cajolery, chicanery, duplicity in the name of your theocracy masquerading as morality; you who affirm their is an ultimate judge, even he who gave you freedom for yourselves and your families; freedom, which you take from the poor because they are wanting? The very things you deny them, you and your extended families can obtain at a cost.

That is your morality.

And any Supreme Court judge, or any member of congress who claims not to have an abortion in their extended family is going to turn out to be a liar.