Foster Foolsrite

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Foster Foolsrite is casually dismissive,
positively when he doesn’t need to be

Foster impugns prudence, defensively
because all about him is corruption,
and he’s just doing what he needs
to get by

So Foster asks you if you know the lord
when you pay for his stable services,
disregarding your heart and mind
because he isn’t so sure it is his

“The world is full of unrepentant people
doing bad things,” he says. And if he should
have the advantage without needing to give, why,
that’s the work of the Lord, Foster is under
no obligations, faith is his reward.

“Stupid people pray to the mother of Christ
instead of the Lord,” Foster said to me one Easter morning
as he shoveled horse turds into a wheelbarrow.
“Christ speaks to everyone’s heart and mind,” I told him.

He looked at me and sneered.

“All kinds of people wanting hand outs and charity but not
wanting to work,” Foster parrots the words of his conservative
media hosts and hypocrite politicians and cowardly warmongers
who were born with inheritances and family wealth (the 7th generation
Rockefeller woman says John was “just some guy.”)

Foster and his irascible wife of 50 years voted their conscience – Trump
Because the world is full of sinners who need to be kept in check and Trump
somehow represented the messiah in their hearts and minds.

So she goes to church, he if he has too, and one day he asks me,
“What will it take to get people to come back to church?”
Without hesitation, I reply “people like you have to stop going.”