To the Slaughterhouse

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No one is home, or maybe they are
they’re just not answering
we cannot connect fingers
across the electronic divide
data mines data minds
not necessarily treasures
but a bag of surprises
meaningless until given meaning

An irascible old farmer’s wife
scowls her disapproval of the world at large
written in bits of disfigurements,
pounded into context between her ears

Her household resembles her mother’s
with the same warnings of prejudice
-the person and the world follow the devil

At evening meal Claudine’s father told her catholic friend that Catholics got the meaning of everything wrong. Her friend was so angry that all she could utter was, “you are just stupid and mean,” before leaving the dinner/bible study, never to speak to her again. Proving her wickedness, of course. That’s right, the devil doesn’t want anything to do with a bible study. Why…
I’m going to go do the dishes, Frank. Oh, and the trash needs to be taken out. Claudine! Ladies don’t take
out the garbage.

Grammy Crammer has shaped them
molded by generations of prejudice,
calling for the elected to be elected
politically to the mind of like minded

With self aggrandizing biblical allegory
she coerces the context of corruption
so a minister can save you from yourself
selling a mirage of sanity with weapons
pointed at a disbelieving enemy
She showcases scripture with lawn ornaments
So passersby can see them
on the way to the slaughterhouse

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