Eddie Sees TV Faces

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Eddie sees TV faces when he looks at us. When he sees himself in a mirror he sees himself on tv.

“New Doogies Cheese Stix: only 5 bucks at your nearest pizzeria. You got pepperoni in your teeth.”

Eddie likes to make believe he is Humphrey Bogart, giving a performance with a calm, exaggerated grandiosity and lighting a cigarette before making a self absorbed and theatrically arrogant reply. He still tells himself he can manipulate the cognition of others but others usually grade his act low and uninspiring.

Eddie Jones-Wannabe sees others coveting the goods of their neighbors, the imaginary neighbors who he is sure are practicing some general immorality or another. Why, he, Eddie Jones Wannabe was only tempted by some clever advertising folks to buy something that was ultimately for his better benefit anyway. Eddie Jones-Wannabe’s house is a monument to his former family. He keeps the garage organized as though the four kids would still be getting the bikes down from the walls and the swimming pool from the rafters in the Spring

Eddie has been married twice and each time was divorced within three years after the woman realized she had fallen for yet another narcissist.

Eddie is in good shape with no good reason to be in good shape.

Eddie sometimes punches walls to feel the pain in his fist. Eddie sees another whose fist needs stimulation; another with that same look of self absorption, inviting everyone’s hostility. “What are you looking at?” each says simultaneously at the other, while an onlooker imagines the capability of humankind minus the mindless neanderthal like gestures everyone exhibits like these two from time to time.

Eddie sees you and he wants to teach you a lesson. And that lesson is that Eddie gives the lessons around here. And you are either for him or against him. He appropriates the symbols of authority and lets the size of his morality get in the way of compassion and empathy. Like many men, Eddie was fathered by a bellicose man who, in the process of instilling manliness in his son, showed him how to be a dick.

Eddie talks a bullshit game of manly husbandry to tell himself he really isn’t a pawn for the moods of his wife. Eddie lacks morality, willing to laugh at and ridicule someone instead of calling them a friend in order to entertain his wife’s crude irascibility. His wife, daughter and grand daughter all have him convinced that if it weren’t for them he, Eddie Jones Wannabe would be too fucking stupid to walk and pick his nose at the same time. Edward Motherfucking Jones Wannabe…

Uh, Chief.


You aren’t terribly fond of this Eddie fellow, are you? Could you tell us something we might like about him?

Why? I don’t want you to like him. I want you to relate to him. You can if you try. And that doesn’t mean he has to have some sort of good, or that we even need to be seeing the good and bad, or the morality of things.

That mumbo jumbo about despising ourselves by seeing ourselves in others, or how we make ourselves the hero of our own story. We are our own redeemer, saying to ourselves, “I would not be thinking whatever it is I am imagining they are thinking while doing something or other. We assign malicious intent to others for the same things we do, for which we applaud ourselves because of our humanity. And that we can’t possibly know one another but act as though we do because we are really talking to ourselves when we are talking to others.

Something like that.

That does nothing for me.

A pity. Then it means your hostility towards others is maniacal. If only it were a simple dislike for your own characteristics in others. But your hostility seems to be pointing toward an inability to control others.

That is as it should be. Although I would never admit that. I would rather just imply that you are wrong and since you cannot very well answer a straw man any logic you wield is tossed into quicksand

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