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I tilt away from hearing her as she explains her nature as though it were a theatrical arrangement to a group of men in her husband’s garage as he fixes the brakes on my car.

Your friend is too talkative, she tells her husband later. I don’t like him. He needs to shut up.

Who are you?


Right now YOU are talking. And you’re bugging me.

Real civil.

He don’t like you either, And I gotta tellya, I don’t always like listening to you. Like listening to oldies radio and the gospel hour at the same time.

Fuck you. What are starting on me for, anyway?

Jason was imagining this moment in the future when a marriage counselor would ask, “do you remember when you first realized a disconnect from your spouse? And him asking politely, “what?”

I said, you better get your priorities straight, Jason. You gonna husband your buddies or me?


Asleep in the road with everyone driving over you; that’s what you will always be.

In the road maybe, but never asleep.

What’s that?


Thought you said something about a sheep.

I did.

Well, if that’s the way you feel!

Aw, come on. What you starting on me for?

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