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Consumed and unconsumed
worshiped and played for
not the woman or the man,
that is a different story

This is about any person
not the adored or the unadored
not the neat or uncleaned
altered or unaltered

For or against us, this
is the motion before us
if that is all we consider
So i have to present things
as though it were all
I could accord,
wrapped in thesis/antitheses
the reporter’s premise

If I could lay hold of all thoughts at once
I would negate being
In the act of knowing
I would cease to know anything

to be aware that you are an infant god
on the threshold of achieving immortality
and not knowing what it is you are going to do
with all your creativity

It is we creators, we gods who look upon
the bullies and the denizens
saving the world with their justice
and say, get thee hence, Apollo
we cannot achieve immortality
until we have broken the spell
of your dream

For 100,000 years you’ve tricked us
with your presumptuous punishing
dismissing, taunting and brutalizing
for our own good
convinced us we are but straw men
who would break the camel’s back
for no good reason and it’s true
but that is what we’ve become
not what we are

Words spoken as jargon
will always mean the same thing
most of us are fodder
for the wannabe kings

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