I Am a Ghost that Causes So Much Ridicule

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I am not mentally ill
I just see stuff that no one else sees
says almost everyone occasionally

You are mentally ill, says the genpop onlooker

If he says, “I just see stuff everyone could see”
I don’t give a damn what you call it
He ain’t ill, he’s just Dionysus, says the artist

I people watch the people watchers
telling me they say things they don’t, really
What they have is a predetermined context
which conveniently casts themselves as Apollo
for the sake of appearance

There is right and wrong, black and white
you can’t actually deconstruct anything
when deconstruction is just tearing up context

Context is everything

No, it’s not. Those rocks and those trees
are not context

Indeed they are. If you were to speak tree
it would tell you “you already know me
Tree and object are labels for understanding
Tree begins with a word
the word is made fecund by more words

But context doesn’t erase object

No. But object has no value without it.

The mathematician sees patterns in the chaos
The artist sees patterns in the chaos
Left brain/right brain

The old philosopher appropriates the math
of the mathematician, the psyche of the psychologist
the job of the Behaviorist, the folk songs of historical
America to write that all we have are objects and context
that no qualia exists

Well, that may be so. But I don’t give a shit.
Without a doubt we are both different.

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