Horror Art

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My illustrations like this one reflect my love of the horror genre. The Night Stalker, The X-Files, and Millennium were all television shows that had the psychological content that I try to portray in these horror illustrations.

I wanted to come up with something that depicted a person in a state of psychosis. It could be a killer murdering someone for the first time or a person who was in a heightened state of anxiety; to create a sort of visual Crime and Punishment. I imagine the person to have created a dual persona, as if he were outside himself. Trying to talk himself into being a disinterested observer of himself. That thing that a murderer would have to live with is something time doesn’t absolve. But if the killer’s mind is deadened to absolution, lacks conscience…Men ask each other if they could kill another man. Perhaps anyone can if they have to but the guilt isn’t something sane people want to live with.

I was also thinking of the body’s bilateral symmetry. Two halves. And that sides weren’t necessarily halves. And then that the two halves and the power to reason combined to form a greater whole; with the brain utilizing patterns of thesis and antithesis to create conflict and resolution.


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