Message from a Dead Mother

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The Soul In Need and the Giver

I wouldn’t want to take
anything that makes you happy
and it’s hard to give
anything that makes me sad.
You chip away at my heart
your will to power through pity
you lay shame and blame
on the voice I’ve had

Again, you say you can’t go on
you might as well claim your end
Your teary eyes looked at me
a soul so in need
it made me shiver
what could I have hoped to be
to throw away my needs
and become just a giver?

Promise me in the world to be
you will come and see me
don’t ever forget who you are

but what you think I am
precedes me, and takes away
my will to believe that I am
free to discover.

Despairing acceptance
what shall be will be
I slip through the door
while the moonlight shines
on your milky eyes

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