Bakers and Butchers

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Bakers and Butchers

Two voices loosely strung together,
each with unknown origins
prying forward with the least resistance
through the conundrum

The faces of old historians
are cupcakes, marshmallows
cotton candy and meat
chewing, spitting, clamoring
figuring, weaving, blurring

what is the denomination
of higher concerns
that compels us
to incite the bakers and butchers
to deliver us into receivership
with meathooks and spic and span

to doctor/wardens

and a cranky, propertied grandpa

as jailer, legislator and judge?

Individual, institutional advisor

maker of stone

blessed by degrees of his own

One withering voice with a mind’s eye

exacting destination where there is no

time travel, no worthy spin on dementia,

childishness,or overbearing

In senseless eyes that scrape with tone,

buxom and fierce with vigor

one eye gathers and withers

while the other is made strong

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