The One Who Taught You Everything

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The One Who Taught You Everything
by RJ Hoffman

I’m the One who taught you everything
that birds can fly with lonesome notes
crowds can flow for those commanding
all the woes not withstanding

I was taught by fear to hate
those who would break away
from group murderous cross rebuke
those who might dare to choose

I watch the wind chase the sparrows
above walls straight and narrow
and climb
From the halls of the Pharaohs
and the bleeding cancer heralds
so blind
I have a sacred jewel
that I will pay for you
It’s well enough we know
no sides

With these walls around ourselves
pretending we’re someone else
We vote for ways
to manipulate
and gain the money belt

What might’ve been we burned with fear
bow to forces who would contain
All of those who aren’t one with us
We judge with curses and blame

I, you, and he is three
six degrees of separation
if he says give your mind to me
it is he that meets
your fascination

I am your brokenness
that’s come together
with insolence
made with words and color
caged with space and time
I am your discovering
yours forever this changeling
the prick that bleeds
that tells you you see me

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