The Beer is Good

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Feelin’ a little goofy and thinking about Jerry Reed, who did some great social commentary and satire, along with being an influential guitar player. This roughly hums along with Lord, Mr. Ford from the early 70’s.

God is great
Beer is good
Opie used to live
In my neighborhood
Until the bank foreclosed
And Barney shooed him
Out the door.
Now he lives underneath
An overpass
Saw him the other day
When i ran out of gas
And when i didn’t have
A dollar to give him
he kicked a dent
In my door.

Now the wine
On my table
Is getting flat
And Goober’s repo company
Wants to know where i’m at
Aunt Bee don’t set a plate
For me at the table no more.

Well, the beer
Is still good
And god us still great
But heaven has moved
A little farther away.
My angel had a price
That I just couldn’t pay.

Ramen noodles and cheerios
The Dollar Store food is getting old
One can of spam is all the meat
I ate this week

I really got to be moving along
Because even as I am writing this

A police man’s come along to
Shoo me away.
“Yer sittin’ too close to the judge, son

What you doin’ aroun’ here inneewayz

Don’t ya got no billz to pay?

…I don’t wanna here it, boy!”


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