Malrow Winslow Tyler

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Malrow Winslow Tyler is a fictitious coffee house entertainer in his mid fifties. He eeks out a living traveling a circuit of coffee houses in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. He likes to ad lib his lyrics to go along with an electric guitar through a Marshall amplifier. I happened to catch him a couple times at an independent shop in a fictitious town in Michigan and thought these lyrics were kind of interesting. When I attempted to talk to him about the meaning behind them he was watching a Detroit Tigers baseball game and only wanted to talk baseball. If you see him, he would be grateful for an occasional free cinnamon vanilla latte.


Right from the start

inarticulate reaction

Anger praised spreads rage

dividing factions


What’s cornered nurture’s bust and

kept the baby from mother’s milk

What spoons out our trust

in exemplary fashion

based on a priori pretension

that we’re all criminals

free on condition


It seems that when the who becomes the what

we’re made to pray and to rebut

the conjectures of tribulation


But circumstances warrant circumspection

of the merits of convention

when the symbol is wealthy Job

and not the poorest in the dominion.




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