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A pigeon that gathers in the alley
I’ve thrown him crumbs
someone must have scared
too much to trust me today.
Ahead, a drunk swerves on the sidewalk
just as I am approaching
He doesn’t see me behind
and he staggers from side to side
and coughs
when I try to go around him
again he staggers back and forth.
I sidestep him and quickly
and as he coughs,
pass him. He moans and staggers
a few steps and I hear him yell
“hey, where the helluh you come from?”

I wanted to do a poem that could be read as two separate poems with one on the left half and the other on the right half. I can still remember that drunk mumbling “where the helleh-yoo come from?”. If you shade out the depth dimension of a painting you are left with roughly geometric patterns. Cones, triangles, and boxes are the basic building blocks of illustration.

This posting is conceptual and is about the method of art to engage. And with these geometric patterns in illustrations like this I am trying to show basic imagery that everyone’s brain recognizes and utilizes as it stirs its dreams and conceptualization.

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