That Car Passing

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“Did it seem like that the car that just passed did so with a sort of purposeless intent just to get in front of you, as though it were driven by someone being pulled into the context of your perception?”

“Sure, I saw a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee being held as I looked through the side window.”

“Competition predicates that the reason an approaching car speeds up to catch you then slows when it does, or when a car that gets over speeds up…”

“Competition doesn’t come into play
I had no thought of that car
as it went by
I saw the coffee cup and the hand
but it only matters to me
if I choose it to matter
I didn’t choose it to matter.”

“You disassociated from another.”

“I disengaged from that other.”

“Our minds are on the same thing.”

“No, they are not. Yours would have
me believe in imperfections, but
there is no right or wrong…”

“We don’t just do what we do,
we just seem to. You are not
capable of solipsism when all
you can do is interpret.”

“If all I could do was interpret
then how can anyone come up
with a new point of view?”

“Because interpretation
is construction, only
by interpreting it
can we make
something new.”

“So what’s new,
the words I speak
or the things I do,
what changes,
so to speak?”

“It would just be nice
wouldn’t it, if everyone
just stopped hurling words
like so many balls being batted
just for the sake of amusement
to while the time away.”

“What else is there?
No one really retires
to actionless life,
nothing to butt against
the stillness.”

Blue, red, yellow
brains of primaries
at the beginning of
infinite dreams,
pulling figures together
on the backs of eyelids
shut like shades
to keep out the light.

With one long blink
the wiper blades screech
across the the window.

“You’ve got to get new wiper blades.”

“I know.”

RJ Hoffman 2018.

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