Another C-

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Comments scribbled on Ralph’s assigned poem on Being in Professor Shill’s creative writing course. Ralph again received a C-.

“The corpse within me burning leaps where my shadow falls.” (what?)

History=Is. Existence crosses the threshold, advances into the space between was and is, and then 3 feet ahead.

Non Conventional.


Not nihilation but becoming. A nothing cannot become. A mountain of mirrors…what do they have to reflect? The seer is a becoming but can never be greater than his own history though he can see the destiny of generations of mindless man nonbecoming.

Death dialectics?

Reasoning is a shadow puppet that scares the corpse to death. Morrison was the moth burned by the flame “in the wooly cotton grains of infancy.” There was a loud thud. Then a baby cried and it was immediately heralded as an angel. That is, until it became one of us. (Though i admire the way you grouped a few symbols to create a signifying presupposition, this technique is not so implicit to the average reader. At least in America we need a little formal structure because of the pragmatic and purposive language we use that must point to some sort of universal meaning.)

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