American Success Story Ch. 7, Love Me Strong

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This is the second song, or act of scene 3. It presents a sentimental remembrance of the woman who was the mother of Pete’s daughter.

Love Me Strong

All the spirit in my eyes
walked away with you despite
misgiven memories misspent
still I need you as when we first met

She said
Love me strong, don’t get me wrong
and I won’t get away
If you’re gone, don’t be long
I want to stay
What’s forcing you to make you choose
I will walk away
my self is worth as much as you
less ain’t fair to say.

I haven’t forgotten every day
it’s before my eyes
I see you in another one’s arms
walking outside
when you told me you loved me
you didn’t look me in the eye
then you turned and drifted
out of sight

My eyes betrayed the sum
of all my fears
when I saw you with the one
who’d steal you from my years
but I knew you’d come back
to save me, come back to
what was wrong, and pull
our hearts both together
again and make us one

2017 Ronald Hoffman.

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