Daddy Let’s Play – American Success Story Ch. 6

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American Success Story is a short book of poetry that is told in song. The book has eleven chapters, and is set in four scenes. The two acts in the first scene introduce Pete Chandala, a factory worker in his mid fifties. The three acts in Scene two tell us about his childhood. Scene three also has three acts. His daughter presents the song of chapter six, or Scene 3, Act 1.

Daddy, let’s play with the horses today
momma took mine when she went away
my horse used to make me strong
was someone to love me
and to pull me along

Daddy, why do you keep going this way
you know you’re never gonna see her again
but, Daddy, your feet aren’t made of clay
come outside and help me live

Remember what you promised me
you would always be there for me
don’t think those thoughts you’ve been thinking
one person isn’t worth it and nothing would be different

Daddy, let’s go to the Fair today
throw some balls at some plates and smash them
wear a hat to cover your hair
but show the world what they’ve been missing

2017 Ronald Hoffman,Roaming Snyder Publishing. ASCAP

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