Chapter Five, American Success Story – Peace At Summer’s End

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Pete Chandala, American Success Story
Chapter 5, Scene 2, Act 3
Peace at Summer’s End
by RJHoffman

Last chapter, Pete has lost his mother as she is is crossing the road while coming to pick him up from school. He runs to see her bleeding in the road, and is so horrified he runs away. It has left such a deep scar, perhaps he had to live to the age of fifty just to be able to write a song about it.

In this, the third and final act of scene two, Pete has one more scar to bare. His uncle, Peerless was Pete’s male role model in lieu of his father’s distant and menacing presence. After his mother dies, his uncle moves into the farmhouse. Pete’s uncle and father work different hours, and when his father isn’t doing his daily chores he is fixing equipment. Uncle Peerless, however, liked to read books, and often talked about them with Pete. He said it balanced his life with the physical labor on the farm. And although Uncle Peerless said it suited him just fine, Pete often heard his father refer to Uncle Peerless as a lazy bum when he grumbled about him.

Peace At Summer’s End

This time
this place

Heaven’s door is open
but you’re not ready
to step in

Head down, hands gripping
you should be sleeping
but you’re working
you’re not afraid
today’s the day
you went

You can feel the wind closing in
and yours about to join in and as
you reach for the door you can’t
take another step

As you ponder what is happening
your neck is kissed by the sweetest wind
and you don’t know that you’ve ever felt
such peace at Summer’s end

2017 Ronald Hoffman.

Note: the video link contains a long guitar intro, something that doesn’t have nearly the audience it once did. The lyrical content begins at around 1:25.

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