Child In the Field

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American Success Story, Pete Chandala
Act two, scene one, or chapter 3.

In chapter one, American Success Story, Pete loses his job because he is running late again and gets stuck in traffic. He is like one of millions of workers everywhere who get by on the jobs they can find. The homeless, the lower class,the shelf stocker, delivery driver, parts assistant, field hand, repairman, salesman, and clerks, all who, after paying the leasing agent, the auto insurer, and the state, have to get by week to week. No family trust to fall back upon, just loads upon loads of debt for this or that automobile, this or that appliance, this or that college class that does little good, but is a required by the curriculum.

Pete is a stout Great Lakes American and takes it in stride. And in chapter two, Some Coffee For My Cup, he is back to work on a factory floor with workers who are mostly twenty years younger.

Child In the Field
by RJHoffman

Child in the field
you waited far too long
beyond the bounds of reason
to throw rocks at the birds
and chase snakes in the grass
long beyond the season

Lightning strikes the door
and breaks the day
It sends the biggest man
across the floor
and when it comes time
for you to wave good bye
say hello to the those
who’ve gone before

Child in the grass
playing near the pond
underneath the willow
fifty years have passed
and you’ve stumbled
along this path
back here
away from people

Ease away, go out and play
with all around you
it’s hard to say
what coulda changed the way
life found you
what could you have done
you’re not his son
he didn’t want you
just hope and pray
you can find your way
even without him

Child in the class
sitting all alone
never participating
waiting on the bell
and never looking back
hoping that mom is waiting
so you can go home
and shut the door
or throw rocks
until dad comes home
and when he does
stay away
from the terrible storm.

2017 Roaming Snyder Publishing, Ronald Hoffman. ASCAP


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