Coffee For My Cup

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Coffee For My Cup

This is the second of an eleven song compilation presenting the story of Pete Chandala, American Success Story. The eleven songs are eleven chapters as a video work of fiction.

Put some coffee in my cup
Have it for me when I get up
I don’t want no waiting
when I’m already hating
the sun before it comes up.

A dollar for my shoes
They just make me sad
I think of work when I see them
and I wish I didn’t need them
but I gotta get some gas for my can.

All the workers on the line
twenty years younger than me
my body’s always aching
and my legs are always shaking
but to them it seems
I just need a drink.

And there could be no excuse
To the landlord I have no use
just to keep paying
and there’s no use saying
that I don’t have the rent on time.

2017 Roaming Snyder Publishing, Ronald Hoffman. ASCAP.

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