Mommy Was In Love

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Hope is lost is lying near
is beating drums is slipping
along and chasing and grasping
is breathing and gasping

Liz is waiting, inpatient and hating
seeing hope chase love and catching
looking once and throwing it away

Once ain’t enough to turn the spade
once ain’t enough to grow and fade
once we turn the corner we lose hope
it lowers its head and walks away.

Liz sees love is lying near
she kicks it in the chest and
crawls away with hope against
the walls and lifts it up and jeers
knees him hard right in the balls.

Mommy, Mommy
why were you in love
with fear
why did you take it
why didn’t you push it
out of your life
blue, you accepted
and crumbled away
but I stole it back
what they took

Now, Lizzy ain’t Mommy
who had no hope
Lizzie ain’t love, ain’t fear
ain’t hope. she stares at life
with no fear of hope
she takes love and
strangles fear.

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