Broken Child

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Broken child what kind of man have you become
no one’s child you’re half the man you wanted to be

Inspiration brings to you to the smoking gun
tell me, what brings a person to kill a loved one
is it because you can’t hide from who you are
deep inside polarized, devil warring angel
you couldn’t kill yourself so you killed someone else

Broken child what kind of man have you become
No one’s child for no one cares what happens to you

You took your place at the table
I said the blessing while you closed your eyes
mother and father ever guessing
what fate will have meant for you

Second guessing all that you’ve ever been taught
you were given the keys to the world but
you stayed inside and never saw what it was all about

you took my hand while I said grace
you bowed your head and covered your face
and looked at mom who closed her eyes
she knew you really didn’t know what’s right

before the table had been set
I saw you were full of discontent
but still I had my job to do
to push to pull to be brother to you

before the hour was spent
and we all made thanks
and vows anew
to love each other and
gave respect its due
you dismissed yourself
for a short little while
and came back with a pistol
and a wry little smile
Mother shouted “No, don’t you. PLEASE!”
You pulled the trigger
then dropped to your knees
I had ever been the one you scorned
the one who was first before you were born
it was me that you had to hate
and long before this day you had chosen my fate.

Chosen child half the man you wanted to be
you took the life you had wanted for yourself.
Broken child, no one took the time to comfort you
You were the enemy lying in wait
Put your smile on while hid your hate
until the day that had to come
when you turned away all the love you knew.


2016 Ronald J. Hoffman, Roaming Snyder Publishing. ASCAP

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