The Boy and the Sea

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The Boy and the Sea

Feet in the sand
I watch the dolphins play
So grateful I am
to see the sun today
I feel the breeze
on my cheek and turn my head
hear the birds in the trees

I hold the key
to what I’ve seen
but I closed the door
so no one else sees
A flicker of light
beckons me
I turn to greet
but others walk away

I kick the sand while
someone’s watching me
A little boy
in blue and green
He skips a stone
He turns to me and smiles

There he goes
along the shore
away from me
once in a while
he turns to look
at others indifferently

As I look at the sea
the dolphins are gone
and there’s no one but me
I look to the sun
to see where it takes me
but all around the sky is gray.

I find a stone
skip it on the sea
remembering the boy
who looked at me
he went away
but he has a home
just like I do
and it’s time to go.

Copyright 2016 Ronald J. Hoffman, Roaming Snyder Publishing. ASCAP.

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