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beyond the shadows
on the edge of a leafless meadow.
You gather among your possessions
timeless on a wall.
Time began to fade
the calendar turned to watch you crawl.

Conceding what your heart can’t seem to take
Deliberately conceiving expression that hides
all the fear you’ve kept inside.

Before you knew how to crawl
you were limping forward and reaching
hitting your head against the wall.
How effortlessly you break things
that steadied you.
You make amends but your words
have cut the net that breaks your fall.

“There’s always light in the corridor
it’s just that there’s always blackness
at the end.”

Wrinkled bed sheets
Her soft and gentle fingers
love you always in her eyes.
How could you have left her
to stumble alone
through the corridor
while the sorrow
tore your heart
and left you gray?

“How did I come to this
…how did come to this
How did I come to where I am
to bleed away in front of this?”

Hold steady
take your grip
close your eyes
and let it go.

Awaken, what can you see
is there spirit in your eyes
did you dream this dream
before you realized
behind every wall
behind every door
is a bleeding mirror
that makes you a seer
before you fall.

Peace of mind can’t make you happy
when happy is what you can’t be
everlasting love can’t be
your mind can’t break the way
it came to you.

Copyright 2016, Ronald J. Hoffman, Roaming Snyder Publishing. ASCAP. All rights reserved.

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