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get your ear muffs get your warm gloves and don’t forget to say please and thank you, never i hate you, never need to hate. smile is fortune, the devil’s misfortune is he forgot say, please and thank you now he’s on the outside calling you outside to play.

there’s a sliver in his hand, an apple in his eye, churning the rhythm pulling me under. with a string bow and a wide open field he cant reach me he’s got to pull me near. It may not seem so precious to me as i walk a while hating to sneeze, the mouse on the wheel can’t stop to feel the pressure that has me breaking

the slackened shoulder ten years older than it used to be can’t withstand the weight of the man who’s sat casually sucking in my breath, with the rhythm in my chest. as a man on high he sings like a battered trumpet, an earth child strumpet, his voice no longer brings…

truth ringing clear, a sound barrier to the gods’ poison spring and their unholy things. their cheapness we bear, their sins we repair while we bless them for everything. And if truth be told when heaven unfolds i believe the path will lead nowhere. the lives that we gave to keep our remains won’t mean anything

scratch lyrics to Carousel RJH bbc

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