Sister’s Little Helper

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Johnny Cash stepped to the front of the stage and looked out into the smoke and haze, wiped a tear from his eye and said, “this first song goes out to a man in the back. Folks don’t know his name, but they told me last night that his Mother died. They say he’s a little stunned about what happened in the past, about what caused all the pain that wasn’t supposed to last, but, if you will all stop to think about what she did, why she did it, why things couldn’t be different, well, maybe you’ll see a little of her in both you and me.”

There’s no use crying now, grandma had to say, you’ve got your life ahead of you now. But before I was old enough to know her, grandma was gone just like mother before her,

The way was set down for me to follow in the moon’s spotlight, shifting my gaze waiting through days escaping the daylight, dancing through the willows, creeping through hollows, swallowing inspiration from the dark of night.

As long as i recall growing up, there were traces of the moments grandma left behind, and though i can never recall mother’s face in my mind

I can hear her tell me, “no matter how long it seems that I am gone i will never leave you behind. Once days have passed and you are getting older you’ll no where i have gone.”

Steady I watch from afar, racked with guilt and pain, in the shadows I’ve left behind, the woman who replaced the comfort of a womb with an ice cold virgin stare.

No matter how hard I tried to please you, you just gave me religion, and brotherhood too, with brothers made for squeezin’ and making life blue.

I live life as a stranger, the one who is always in some sort of danger from folks pointing their fingers needing a symbol to blame all there troubles on.

But sometimes I take a while to linger with those who take the time to take me in, with heartfelt intention on these wooden floors through the swinging doors

Belly up some peace, lay it up at last, fling away the extra baggage to the bottom of the glass. We”ll pull on our boots and stomp on all this misery.


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