The Archangel of Dust

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“steal away far from home lose yesterday,” moments shrieked inside my head with a pointless burgeoned stare. “Fade away, break until you become…”

‘Hope is all I’ve become
to break hearts and spit on the little
Sell them choices, play their dreams
Even though I can tell you it’s pointless
Still you all worship me’

Break that, spit on his light, shake him free, though he is the spectacle you’ve always wanted he ain’t what he seems. Look at him staring at you as he crumbles in your eyes a magnificent diamond, hard and mean

You’ve stepped away. stepped away from what is real, and sooner or later the crowd will recognize you, and you will lose that magic feel

You’ve tapped into the universe, it isn’t cute, it’s very real. Now, what is it you are doing with that energy? Are you using it to bring others together so they can produce for themselves, or are you bringing them together so they can produce for you?

you, you know who you are, you are the bat on the stage with the beam in his eye. you hide in the darkness, even on the stage, away from the light, hoping you’ll never be seen.

you have your talismans, you have your wheel, right on your microphone pointing at you, as though you think you are not worthy to receive magic, worthy to be just you.

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