Scratch Lyrics from Elvis Angel, the Wandering Minstrel

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Scratch lyrics from Roaming Snyder (by Elvis Angel)

open road, my cart, steeds in front of me. i lift my hand but no one sees, the dark is filled with smoke and hollowed trees

hologram breathes fire, looks like god but we know he’s mean, like no one we’ve ever seen.

light my pyre, with two hands dripping clean, brazed by fire, soaked in gasoline, when the match is struck we’ll all join the band.

Lay yourself low, best not to be seen by the others looking for you, by others looking for me – they pull you with the familiar voice of infinity.

Open Road, two hands on the reins. rats in the grass, wild tails and manes. A little girl points toward the sky…

this time we will surely die

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