The Cat That Was Suffocated Under the Ass of Dom Deloise

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Being part of that group experience where you are sort of looking forward to being in the group until you see how the group shakes out, what empty vessels rise to the top(cream and empty vessels rise to the top) to remind you just why you fucking hate groups.

On my way, cartoon day, sun in the willow and at the gate, the Apostle is attending to the sheep and a barnyard cat sneaks past into heaven. Saint Peter looking all too much like Socrates is chasing him in his white gown. The nonthreatening white gown. Nero is pictured in a painting(can’t remember which one) with a white gown while he played his lyre and watched Rome burn. I also picture him wearing it while he made his rounds as homosexual prostitute incognito. Every hospital inpatient is an emperor incognito.

The cat…Dom Deloise as the emperor sits on it in his white gown, and then with a puzzled look, fetches it from underneath himself, hands it to his attendant and says “here, wash this.” <mel brooks>

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