Dreams of Reality

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Happy days are hear again!

So, just what sort of prototype for happy days are we talking? the tv show? Andy and Opie Taylor? Leave it to Beaver? The 50s in general? When exactly did the happy days occur? the 1850s? (Notice how many icons have a 50s look…kinda like tv presenting itself to the world and saying “remember when I first came to you? You were pathetic before me. Why, I brought Mrs. Cleaver, baseball and pie right to your eye! Remember how lovely it all looked when you first opened your eyes?)

To the beginning.

Men and women flooding the seaboard and flowing eastward, alien residents usurping the land, employing men, imposing regulations and enforcing them, shaping a culture by collective experience.

Simpler times? TvLand times? Drama to take your eyes off the dream of existence. The human mind dreams. It exists to dream. All endeavor is a result of man’s dreams. Calculated dreaming. The man is aware that he is a constituent of forces networking, and that he is part of a larger cultural mechanism. Simpler times are 22 minutes of your favorite tv show, or watching Barnabas’ fingers play guitar on Roaming Snyder.

And so I can look at Opie and Andy for 22 minutes and say “ah, now what was all the fuss about back here in the daily routine?”

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