From the Diary of Plutus James

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From The Diary of Plutus James

…there is something that I refer to as sort of spiritual body, Some refer to it as their higher power, their higher selves on a different level of existence. And I believe that it is what gives you foreshadowings, or intimations of your physical and thinking processes, It is sort of the source of an intuitive/impulsive complex on a higher level than we are aware of at the physical body in its daily existence. It is the interaction of this higher self at the higher level that keeps throwing itself back into the stream of physical existence as it were because there is nothing, no communion inward. That is why you always come back to save your fellow man. at least, it sounds like a better legend to swallow than…

It seems that in order to try something else the human could replicate itself and forgo the banality of being tossed to and through by the stream…

mind set on the stream, as if pulled through a black hole
yer a cyclone through the periscope
a bullet speeding by the crow

and as you come together yer forming grifters
that draft the shadow
and place a spotlight on your individual show.

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